Planning and designing the finest landscapes and outdoor garden rooms is important to us at SED Design. However, it is the 'art of detailing' and the way materials are joined that bring a space to life. From concept to finished details, let us help you imagine how to transform your landscape.

  • Landscape Architecture & Garden Design
  • Natural Area Management Plans
  • Landscape Management Plans
  • Residential Master Plans
  • Campus Planning
  • Construction Documentation
  • Details and Specifications
  • Garden Structures and Pools
  • Planting Design
  • Conservation Design & Ecological Restoration
  • Best Management Practices
  • Stream Restoration and Bioswales
  • Wetlands and Bio-Filters
  • Woodland Restoration and Meadow Management
  • Stormwater Management Design
  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Engineered Topographic Surveys

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Landscape Management Plans

For Natural Area and Traditional Landscapes

With SED Design, you are assured that your project's landscape management plans employ cost-effective and environmentally sound techniques. Our solutions are designed to enhance the value of your property and the quality of your landscapes.

 We work closely with our clients to address both their immediate and long-term needs. Our management plans utilize plant health care (PHC) programs and ecosystem management strategies for traditional landscapes with discriminating requirements and natural areas like meadows, woodlands, and wetlands.


A vital part of many regional landscapes, woodlands are composed of different plant species. These native plants require unique planning to maintain their quality and health. In many situations, they are damaged and displaced by aggressive non-native species.

At SED Design, we consider the reproductive strategies of each plant to create the best management plan. By replanting appropriate native species specific to the individual community, we ensure the stability of the woodland.


Meadows are herbaceous communities of wildflowers and grasses. When properly managed, these open landscapes offer a tremendous habitat for wildlife.

Meadows require less maintenance costs than traditional landscapes, making it an important tool in designing cost-effective management plans. We recognize the importance of the plant’s establishment period as well as long-term techniques required to sustain a balanced ecosystem.


Wetlands ranging from Riverine systems, such as perennial streams and smaller ephemeral swales, to Palustrine wetlands, such as floodplains and wet meadows, require special understanding and care. They are often compromised by changing hydrology in the area due to increased runoff and erosion. At SED Design, we study the local hydrology to create stable wetlands that mimic natural ecological functions.

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Our company recognizes that trees in the landscape add significant social and ecological benefits and value to the property. We anticipate the eventual replacement of trees as well as their immediate care to maintain the character of the landscape.