The Blue Bell Inn


The Blue Bell Inn has a rich history of welcoming guests since 1743. One of the original patrons was George Washington himself. The Inn was marked as the “White Horse Inn” on military maps that led his troops to the historic Battle of Germantown. In 1796, the Inn’s name was changed to “Blue Bell Inn” when a distinctive bell was hung outside the building so all would be able to recognize the famous Inn. In 1840, the surrounding area once known as Pigeontown, was renamed Blue Bell because the Inn had become so renowned. The original bell is still prominently displayed.

The Inn and Garden Today

In April 2013, the Blue Bell Inn was transformed to accommodate a growing demand for the finest quality dining and entertainment. SgRa Architects led the transformation team. In close association, SED Design Landscape Architects developed the design of the outdoor walled garden with its famous window wall, its water wall and its outdoor dining and entertaining spaces. SED Design also developed the outdoor arrival and entryways. SED worked closely with SgRA to integrate the design of the indoor-outdoor spaces. The result is spaces that flow beautifully from one to the other.

The design retains elements of historical significance using materials and features that reflect colonial periods while providing contemporary embellishments. An exposed rock wall from the original 18th century edifice is recaptured in parts of the garden walls. Throughout the design, unique and rustic features express the authentic history with modern ambiance. Today, the Blue Bell Inn serves as a stunning architectural mélange spanning three centuries. It’s a great place to enjoy both indoors and out.

Building Architect: Stuart Rosenberg, SgRA Architecture
Landscape Architect: SED Design

*History from Blue Bell Inn's website