Landscape Architecture, Ecological Restoration and Planning

Greening Series

The Value of Reforestation

'Forests and woodlands play many important ecological, economical and social functions that affect the quality of our lives.'

Rain Gardens

Look great and great for the environment

Green Roofs

An integral part of stormwater management that comes with many added benefits

Hillside Garden Video


New Horizons


Edgar David of SED Design featured in Ambler Gazette

"New Horizons begins construction on natural playscape" July, 2010  Article

"New Horizons begins construction on natural playscape" July, 2010  Slideshow

Comforts of the Home

"Under the Deck" Article Written by Edgar David

"Vacation Desitination - The Art of Planning and Designing Your Own Pool" Writen by Edgar David

"Cool in the Shade"June, 2009 Written by Edgar David

Hit the Deck

Montgomery County Town and Country Living publication of Conrad Under Deck Garden

"Hit the Deck" Summer, 2005  Article

Rain Gardens

Publication of Woodland Garden

Better Homes and Gardens, June 2002

"Making a Splash" June 2002  Article

 Also featured in...

"Featured Woodland Garden and Ground Water Infiltration BMP"

Spring, 2004, Brooklyn Botanic Garden Article.

"Featured Sustainable Wetland Garden and Bio-filtration System"

September 2003, Audubon Magazine.

Dealing with Deer

Publication of VanKleck Water Garden and Deer Enclosure

Better Homes and Gardens, November 2003

"Dealing with Deer" Summer, 2005  Article

Better than Nature

Publication of Shirakawa Water Garden

Better Homes and Gardens, July 2003

"Better than Nature"

Outdoor Spaces

Publication of Raymond Garden

"A Grand Revival" September, 2002 Article

The Art and Science of Landscape Architecture

Design a sustainable future

Foundation paper for presentation at the National Arboretum, Washington D.C, Spring 2005

Nature Within Schools

The Transformative Power of Integrating Schools and Nature

Nature Within Schools Publication